Custom Aquaponics Designs -- Integrative Learning Tools -- Hands-On Teaching -- Science-Based Farming

Aquaponics is an effective teaching tool, that can engage a younger audience as they dive into science-based farming.

Our Aquaponic ecosystems are custom designed for each classroom. They are non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing, giving excitement to the entire room.


Nutrient Cycling 

Ecosystem Management

Symbiotic Relationships

Local Food Sourcing

Fish Care

Plant Care

Water Quality Testing

    Aquaponics is a symbiotic ecosystem, that is dependent on fish, bacteria, and plants in order to function. These organisms constantly recycle nutrients, and purify the water. Our hands-on teaching methods help students learn the basics of water chemistry, fish care, plant care, and the nitrogen cycle.  

    Aquaponics systems will give students of all ages an understanding of the aquatic and agricultural world around them. Aquaponics teaches biology, chemistry, and sustainable crop production in an all-in-one system.

Aquaponics Consulting

Aquaponics brings the outdoor environment into the classroom, and engages students as they grow food sustainably indoors. As an aquaponics consultant, we ensure that the system is built correctly, can effectively grow plants, and is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. We teach students of all ages how aquaponics works, and assign activities that give the students an active roll in the system. If you're interested in having an aquaponics unit in your school, please don't hesitate to contact us for professional guidance on your project.