Cody Parker, founder of Drop the Beet Farms, has been recognized as a distinguished farmer by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Farm to School Program.

About Drop The Beet Farms

We are a 20,000-gallon Aquaponics Facility operating out of the wonderful Calgo Gardens in Freehold, NJ. We are similar to hydroponics, but more sustainable because we integrate aquaculture (fish raising) into our system. All of our plants are grown in water, fertilized by 45 koi fish in a symbiotic, recirculating ecosystem. This system allows us to grow produce using 90% less water in 1/4 the amount of space. The plants filter the water for our fishpond, creating a perfect ecosystem that constantly recycles water and nutrients. We are herbicide free, dirt free, and use organic practices on all of our crops.

We offer CSA memberships year round, group educational tours, mushroom workshops, and aquaponic consulting.